The Perfect Ice Bath

I have tried many different ice baths over the years. To save you the heartache of yet another burst, tear or leak I have listed my two favourites here for you.  If you want to try out any of these 2 baths please contact me. I am always happy to welcome cold therapy enthusiasts to try out an ice bath in my back yard.

If looking for an inflatable bath please take care to order only the very best of quality and one which is specially made for using in the cold. Many of the plastics become stiff in the cold which makes them susceptible to tearing and cracking. Believe me I have had many birthing pools and sport baths which only resulted in me spending hours following the bubbles and cost me loads of puncture kits. Save yourself the hassle and invest in a good bath which is made for the cold!

The first one can be pretty much used anywhere and is extremely low budget and great value for money:

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Submerge One Ice Bath
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The Submerge One ice bath is the ideal portable cold water therapy and recovery tool. With triple-layer insulation to maintain the temperature of the water it's a seamless way to add this wellness practice into your routine.
The bath can be set up and taken down in minutes, making it easy to take with you and includes a free weather-resistant lid to keep rain, leaves or anything else from contaminating the water.

The Stock Tank

The second ice bath is my all time favourite. It slips easily into the back of the car meaning I can give my ice bath workshops all over the country. This is a lovely addition to my backyard, its stylish and in the summer when I'm not using it I put a lid on it and cushions and use it as a couch. It holds more water than the first bath which is why I only use this one in the winter and for workshops. In the summer you need to use chlorine to keep the water clean or change the water regularly. I don't like using chlorine or wasting water so I prefer to use the smaller bath instead - its more than enough for a quick dip for one person.

The major benefits of this bath are its super sustainable, its made of hardy material but is light weight so you can easily move it or transport it. It also fits 2 people so at workshops its great as sometimes couples or friends want that cute picture of them together in the bath!

Nancy sells all shapes and sizes of bath - check out her website for more information:

Safety Note: never do the wim hof breathing in or close to water!